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Why Yellow Dog Grooming?

Top quality grooming, top quality products and top quality people right in the heart of Ancaster.

We love dogs. We respect dogs. We have the unlimited patience required to work with dogs.


The focus of Yellow Dog’s grooming practice and procedures is safety first at all times. Though this sounds obvious, safety can be often overlooked when poor quality or out-of-date equipment is used, and groomers are pushed to get dogs out the door.


Yellow Dog commits to the highest level cleanliness and hygiene at all times. All tools, tables, and tubs are disinfected thoroughly between grooms. Floors are swept and mopped consistently to ensure a safe and clean environment. An unhygienic grooming area can

lead to sick dogs and sick people. All cleaning products used at Yellow Dog are natural and pet friendly.

Yellow Dog uses only dog specific shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that have been sourced for their high-quality ingredients and exceptional results. At Yellow Dog we want your pet to look and feel its best. Using the right products will make all the difference you dog's final groom.


Yellow Dog groomers are trained, qualified, and have committed to continually search for the best tools, grooming practices, and products for your pet. We are always continuing our education through seminars, trade shows, and industry associations, to make sure that we have access to cutting edge procedures and techniques. We are always pushing for higher safety standards and accountability within the industry.


Yellow Dog Grooming is truly a local business. We are so proud to be a part of the thriving community that exists in Ancaster. We have always felt that a warm, inviting place for the dogs and dog owners of Ancaster was missing. Yellow Dog is here to fill that gap. Swing by our studio for a chat and a coffee at any time. At Yellow Dog we are always happy to see and your furry friend.

Benefits of Regular Grooming

A clean and well groomed dog gets more cuddles. That’s good for you and good for your dog.


If you’ve made the decision to add a dog to your family, it is important to understand why regular grooming is essential to the health of your pet, regardless of their hair length.


In fact, a regular grooming schedule for dogs is just as important as the food and water you provide each day. Here’s why.


Healthy skin and coat:


Regular baths with dog specific shampoos will keep your pet’s skin

clean, nourished, and healthy. The process of scrubbing, blow drying, and brushing removes dead skin and hair, allowing air to circulate through your pet’s skin and coat. This applies to all dogs, large and small, short or long hair. The bath also includes a deep moisturizing conditioner that protects your pet’s coat from damage and keeps it looking healthy.

Fresh smelling:

Dogs shouldn’t smell bad. In fact, they probably don’t enjoy smelling bad anymore than you do. So, that “dog” smell you're used to in your house doesn’t need to come with owning a dog. Regular grooming will keep your dog, and house, from smelling dirty and “doggy”.

Reduced shedding:

Imagine how nice it would be to not have your floors, furniture, car, or clothes covered in hair! A lot of loose hair is removed during the grooming process from blow drying and brushing. Plus, there are even special deshedding treatments that dramatically reduce shedding for a period of time. Yellow Dog offers the FURminator deshedding treatment for dogs with excessive shedding.


Preventive health care:

Just like people, dogs have ailments and issues that can show up out of nowhere. Part of the groomer’s job is to inspect your pet from head to toe to tail, and spot anything abnormal.

Basic maintenance:


How do you know if your dog’s nails are too long? If you can hear your dog’s nails on the floor or concrete, they're probably too long. And, how often are you checking your pet’s ears? If you’re as busy as most people, it’s probably not a priority. It is imperative to their health that all dogs have their nails trimmed and ears cleaned regularly. Your Yellow Dog groomer will ensure your pet’s nails are at a good length and the ears free from dirt and bacteria, which could lead to infection if left unattended.

Looking good:


Looks aren’t everything, but Dogs feel so much happier when they are clean and have a tidy haircut. Even if you prefer the shaggier look for your pet, regular grooming can ensure your pet looks its best at any length. At a minimum, your pet’s face, paws/pads and hair around its hind area should be trimmed regularly. Excessive hair in these places, especially if its dirty, can lead to hygiene problems, tangling and possibly infection.

Avoid Mats:


Mats are balls of hair that get knotted. They are painful because they pull the skin tight and can lead to skin ulcers, abrasions and other serious problems. Mats can be extremely difficult to remove and oftentimes require a complete shave down. With a regular grooming routine, most mats and tangles can be prevented.

Important things to tell your groomer

An informed groomer can provide custom care and attention to your dog during their groom.


Has your dog had negative experiences during grooming in the past? Please let us know of any past negative grooming experiences your dog may have experienced - this will help us try to prevent added stress for your pet.


Does your dog become agitated, aggressive, or fearful for any part of the grooming process? It’s important to discuss this because it can prevent injuries to the groomer and your dog.


If you don’t want your dog to be muzzled then tell the groomer. They may not be able to finish the groom if they can’t use a muzzle.


Does your dog have any skin issues, sores, or wounds of any kind (including sutures from surgery)? Depending on the problem it may be better to postpone a bath until it clears up or a vet has given the green light for a bath.


Does your dog have any warts, skin tabs, lumps or bumps? Tell your groomer about any you may know of. That way there’s less chance of them getting irritated.

Does your dog have any known allergies? Yellow Dog may give your dogs treats for good behaviour, and if your dog has food allergies please make your groomer aware. If your dog has skin allergies please discuss which shampoos are safest, perhaps a hypoallergenic tearless shampoo or an oatmeal based formula.


Does your dog have any fleas or ticks? If they do, they MUST be bathed with a flea shampoo to prevent the spread of fleas to other pets in the Studio. Your groomer will let you know if they find any fleas on your pet and they will have to give a flea bath immediately. A charge for the flea bath will be incurred.


Does your dog have bad hips, bad elbows, recent injuries, etc? This is very important. The groomer needs to know so they can adjust they way they lift and maneuver your pet during the grooming process to avoid injuring any weak joints or sensitive areas.


Do your dogs nails crack easily? You may want to have the nails filed. Filing the nails helps prevent cracking, takes some of the sharpness off, and gets them a little shorter.


Does your dog have it’s vaccinations? While some vaccines are not required, they are strongly advised. Please keep up to date with shots to prevent spreading or catching anything from other pets.


Excellent service! Very professional, clean, and thorough. You looked after my dog just as I would and it is much appreciated. Thank you so much


Rosie always looks great after getting groomed at yellow dog! She looked extra good this time & our company commented on how great she looked. All the dogs at the dog park noticed & all the people said how beautiful she was! We told everyone we were so happy with yellow dog grooming in Ancaster! Thanks again!


Excellent customer service! Willow came back soft and silky!! which is hard to do because her hair is long and typically wiry and frizzy ... And usually full of burrs. Thanks girls the great job!



It was our first time visiting yellow dogs yesterday and I am so pleased with the results. Hugo is a senior Maltese with arthritis and is very nervous in new surroundings. Vicky welcomed him with open arms and immediately made him felt at ease. He went in looking scruffy and dirty and came home looking like a million dollars with a smile from ear to ear feeling very handsome and very proud of himself! Thank you Vicky and the yellow do staff, we will definitely be returning.


Hoover looked great! The staff were friendly and professional and kind to Hoover. Thank you so much.


It was our first time to a groomer and I was slightly apprehensive about whether it would make a difference. Wow. They were wonderful. Professional, kind to both the owner and dog and made a considerable difference. My dog looked amazing. Thank you guys. Look out Bo will be back.


We are so incredibly thankful for the wonderful job you did with Stella.  She's had fulminator treatments before, but neither seemed to work.  This is the best she's ever looked and we've noticed a huge difference in her shedding since her appointment last Friday.  We can't thank you enough!


Did not think she was my dog.  She looked fantastic... unbelievable. Vicki and the staff are outstanding to deal with. We won't be taking her anywhere else. PERIOD. NO OTHER CLIPPERS WILL TOUCH HERE COAT.


We love Yellow Dog! Piper always looks fabulous after either a full grooming or a tidy up. But most importantly, she's happy.  My goofy neurotic pup is happy with you, even though there are other dogs and all sorts of things that normally frighten her. Thanks!


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