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Why Yellow Dog Grooming?

Top quality grooming, top quality

products and top quality people right in the heart of Ancaster.

Benefits of regular grooming

A clean and well groomed

dog gets more cuddles. That’s good

for you, and good for your dog.

Welcome to our grooming studio

We have created a safe, clean and

beautiful space for your dog...and

you. Take a little tour.

Cute puppy


Our philosophy

The Yellow Dog grooming process is calm & gentle, focusing on a deep down clean and happy dog.

Yellow Dog grooming is not assembly line grooming. Our groomers personally tend to your pet throughout the entire grooming process.

At Yellow Dog we ensure that all grooming services are focused on the safety and needs of the dog as well as quality of the service. We book wider appointment slots so that our professional groomers can provide the personal service required for your pet.

Keeping your pet safe, healthy and happy is is our biggest concern. At Yellow Dog Grooming your pet we will be given the very best care while receiving an exceptional service. Clean Dog, Tidy Dog, Happy Dog. Yellow Dog.

A clean and well groomed

dog gets more cuddles.

That's good for you and

good for your dog.

The age and breed of your dog, as well as the condition of coat amongst other factors, will influence the most suitable method of grooming for your dog. We are happy to offer a free initial assessment which provides a without obligation opportunity for you and your pet to get to know us and for you to tell us about any special grooming requirements you may have.


Our happy clients 


First time visit to Yellow Dog. I was in need for a new groomer, and always hesitant bringing my dog to new places as he has very bad hips and is labelled as "geriatric". On top of being punctual, with a good grooming, the price was comparable to others, and you could tell their main focus was his special needs and happiness.


Very friendly service and I was very happy with how thorough you were about finding out exactly what I wanted for Toby. Toby is my daughter's dog and I really wanted him to look the way she likes him and you did an excellent job. I will recommend your services to friends and family and I will bring Toby back . Thank you very much for being so accommodating.


Always love your service. Our golden doodle coat is kept in great condition and her trims are always perfect. She goes in looking like a linebacker and comes out looking like a princess.


Take a tour

Take a tour
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